Speak Up for Myanmar

Beyoncé for Myanmar Advocacy Campaign

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for joining this campaign and helping make some noise for Myanmar. We’re thrilled to have you on board.

This is a love letter. In joining this advocacy campaign, you’re helping write a love letter to Beyoncé:

…a letter of loving appeal as fans of her art and her voice,

…a letter of love for Myanmar,

…and a letter of love for free lives and for democracy.

Ultimately, this love letter is a message of hope for a brighter future, a future that we hope can be shaped in some way by how Beyoncé hears our appeal.

We want her to feel these different loves strongly through our message, and in such a way that she can’t help but respond.

This movement is about people power. It doesn’t matter how small or large your social media following; adding your voice to the campaign is powerful, and it makes a difference. The more people participate in unique ways, the more the world will hear the voice of Myanmar.

Thank you for joining!

Goals for this campaign

1) Get Beyoncé's attention making unique posts with campaign images and hashtags

2) Raise awareness about the plight of Myanmar garment workers and the Myanmar people.

3) Get people to post about this; most of all, get Beyoncé to make a solidarity post!

4) Ask people to sign an appeal letter to Adidas/Beyoncé, asking them to support their 19,869 garment factory workers who are 87% women.